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If you are going to say something, why not say something that moves the soul? If you are going to say something that moves the soul, why hide it behind money?

Sofian Books is a publishing company that believes the expanding of perspective is much more important than the expanding of profits. For this reason, the full text of every work we offer is provided free of charge. Each published work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Shoulders For Our Children

By A Spiral Becoming

Shoulders for Our Children is a revolutionary reinterpretation of our present civilization that challenges the reader to wake up to a virus of the mind which has, unknowingly, infected the masses. It is an invitation to stand upon its shoulders and gain perspective about the meaning and purpose of the mystery called life.

Using the beautiful relationship of phi as the basis for each lesson, readers are taken on a journey through a city of the mind. This mental city is the creator of cave-like environments that trap its many residents within thought structures of their own making. These structure provide residents with a fixed perception of reality that daily teaches them to be content with their own shared stories. When residents have the courage to make peace with uncertainty, mystery and doubt, they are ushered into the hidden mysteries of the mind; the realm of spirals.


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Published Works | Nonfiction

Edible Gnosis

An Honest Lie

Everything speaks, because everything is divine. The knowledge (gnosis) of who we are is being spoken from every corner of our universe. Edible Gnosis is an attempt to put into words a very small portion of this speaking. The words, poetry, and stories, are the recorded impressions and pointings of twelve edible plants and fungi.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information about your authors?

Sofian Books is a publishing company that has chosen to only publish anonymous works. For a book to be published, the author, or authors, must be willing to write under a pen name. Our company acts as the proxy, shielding our authors from any identifying information.


Why does Sofian Books only publish books that are written under pen names?

To write the true thing, an author must learn to erase. It is much easier to erase when an author's name is not attached to something they have written. When an author writes something, and it is published, it becomes solidified. If the author is actively growing, they may grow beyond what they had previously written. Because their name is not attached to it, their ego will not hold on to the errors of past perspectives. Thus, they are free to continue writing from increasingly higher perspectives. Names are for egos. Egos have a tendency to get in the way of a well written book.


Why offer your products free of charge?

Sofian Books is built upon the foundations of the gift economy. We are committed to a life that gives more than it takes and cooperates more than it competes. Words that point to the wisdom of the ages should be freely available to all. Words of wisdom are a gift and gifts should never be hoarded.


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